Skyrim Remaster and the PS4 Let Down

Despite owning Skyrim already on PC and Xbox 360, I decided to yet again delve into the world, this time on PS4, for personal convenience. I even went to the 12AM launch; why not? It is my favourite game, after all.

I was excited, in the build up to release, to hear that mods were coming to console. I mean, I’d had them on PC but always found it hard to do an actual playthrough, because I’d get too distracted with shopping for and adding mods to the game. So, I figured, having mods on console would be the best of both worlds.

Then, the bombshell that PS4 mods were cancelled hit. I was honestly very annoyed, but happy to hear Bethesda promise to try and get mods to Skyrim anyway. Which they did… In the most limited way possible. Obviously I don’t blame Bethesda for this, I blame SONY entirely, but I don’t understand SONY’s thought process on this at all. I mean, they are deliberately putting themselves in a worse position than Microsoft on this one – the Xbox One has done a great job of delivering mods to the Skyrim Special Edition, and Fallout 4. If If I hadn’t given up hope yet, I’d consider trading in my PS4 for an Xbox One.

So, as it stands right now, the PS4 has 1GB dedicated to mod storage. Compare that to the 5GB the Xbox One has, it’s not good. Xbox One users can download mods that utilise: scripts, textures, and sound files. Essentially, very important elements for most of the most popular PC mods for the original Skyrim game. PS4 players are left with basic mods, hardly anything compared to what PC and Xbox One players have access to.

However! There is currently a petition going to try and get SONY to review this mess. Here is a link to it. Please do sign it even if you don’t play on PS4, have pity on us!

Finally, I’d like to thank every mod creator who has been trying to work around SONY’s guidelines and get mods to PS4 players! I know I really appreciate it.


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