Flight Rising: the Best Pet Site

Pet simulation game websites have been around for a long time now, but they aren’t in the mainstream. Well, maybe Marapets was at one point, at least with kids. However over the years there have been popular ones, such as Chicken Smoothie, Wajas, etc. All of these websites, I have tried at some point in my life, and none compete with Flight Rising!

It started off as an ambitious Kickstater campaign that I was mildly aware of at the time. After receiving enough to get started, they went ahead and launched! Despite being around for almost 4 years, the site is still very much a work in progress. At this point, registration is only open in windows. It used to be only open for the Kickstarter supporters, then it slowly had 1-2 day windows where people could join. I remember, back near the beginning, after people would join the whole site would crash for  a day – but it’s come a long way from there now. The site has just introduced ‘Welcome Week’ as a new feature for new players.


The Bogsneak breed, credit: Flight Rising

The site that allows you to breed, battle, and look after virtual dragons. It has a wonderful community, and fun daily activities to complete. It’s not as simplified as other sites like it in the past; the breeding system is actually very complex, and relies on rarity of genes/breeds to determine what the babies look like. Also, there being hundreds of colour options makes it much more interesting.

Unlike sites such as the infamous Ponystars (eventually shut down for legal reasons) that were only out to get money, Flight Rising is nothing like this. Sure, it had a Kickstarter. It lets users buy the ‘Gem’ currency for real cash – but not buying Gems, really doesn’t ruin your experience, and it’s quite easy to get them through other means. Having a team behind it that really cares it what makes the site special. Demonstrated by ‘Words on The Wind’ a monthly update on what’s happening on their end, and any changes they’ve made to the site.


A Nature nest with three eggs, credit: Flight Rising

Despite seemingly being ‘for kids’ members have found, amoungst ourselves and with polls, that the vast community is actually around the ages of 18-30. We’re mostly a community of adults! The majority is American, but there are plenty other Europeans such as myself.

One Unique feature the site has, one that I’ve not really seen before on this kind of platform, is a turn-based battling system. Either against other people’s teams, or against creatures for loot. The coliseum is a dynamic, animated, beautifully created place to train your dragons. It even changes from day to night, depending when you play. It adds a great dimension to the site, and bodes well for future plans that the Flight Rising team have.


I would highly recommend Flight Rising as a fun online game. If you’ve been thinking of joining, or are interested, check it out! To find me on there, head to ‘search’ and type in: masterpiece. You’ll know it’s mine because of the huge collection of Wildclaws, and dragons with Elder Scrolls & Dragon Age names.


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