Pokemon Go, Looking Ahead

With the popularity of Pokemon Go ever growing, myself and others like me, can’t help but wonder what’s coming in the future of the game. Although the game is great as-is, it can be repetitive – especially for those who do not live in areas that are hotspots for Pokemon, and gyms. This could be why the players have shrunk by 10 million since July.

However, the ‘buddy’ system has just been announced. A chance to pick that one special pokemon, and have them with you at all times.


The exact benefits of this feature are unclear, but it will probably be live fairly soon.

This buddy system harps back to the series; Ash and Pikachu were inseparable, and travelled around together with Pikachu out of her ball. This feature brings up all new avenues; will we be getting more features akin to aspects of the original games and show?

With the future release of Gen II Pokemon, one question sits firmly in my mind: how will eeveelutions work? At the moment it’s a random luck of the draw. Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon each have a 33.33% chance of occurring. With Gen II, two new eeveelutions will land: Umbreon and Espeon. Two more eeveelutions added to the current system would mean a 20% chance of each occurring – and it just goes on, until the percentage dwindles down further and further. Perhaps, with this in mind, they will add a new way to evolve eevee. Umbreon and Espeon are evolved when each is at high happiness; to get Umbreon you must evolve eevee at night, and to get Espeon you evolve eevee during the day – ensuring they are at the appropriate levels of happiness. Maybe they can somehow implement this? Although it would possibly mean adding happiness levels to pokemon.

Another question I’ve been pondering is: Gen II starters. Will we just catch them like normal pokemon, or will we again be given the choice to pick one? Would this make sense, if we’ve already picked a starter when we first started playing?


There are a few features I would love to see implemented into the game, that I originally had hoped it would have.

  1. Trainer battles*… I’ve always wanted to stand perfectly still, then shout something corny at passers by, and challenge them to a pokemon duel.
  2. Trading pokemon, and possibly items/candy.
  3. Pokemon centres. This one probably seems quite silly, but I was honestly expecting them. They’re such a big part of the games.

* this would probably mean being able to see other peoples avatars, which could be quite dangerous in reality. So I feel the ability to toggle visibility would be appropriate. To protect privacy. 


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