Hopes for The Elder Scrolls VI Ahead of E3

Ahead of E3, I’ve been pondering what I’d like/hope to see in the next possible installment of the Elder Scrolls. However, I claim no knowledge into what Bethesda are going to announce at the conference, and would like to reiterate that the following is merely personal opinion and speculation. That being said, it’s important to remember that 2 days after their slot in E3, a massive Dark Brotherhood update is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online – as well as this, they are also still working on the online card game, The Elder Scrolls: Legends. So, this could mean they come out with information just on these rather than an actual Elder Scrolls sequel. Bethesda’s E3 slot is on the 12th June, 7PM Pacific and 10PM Eastern. Here is a link to their Twitch, where they will stream the event. Imagine for a minute that Bethesda are going to announce The Elder Scrolls: VI, as I am. Here’s some of what I would love to see in the game.

Set in a Single Province

Although the idea of moving to Akavir is popular, I feel like there’s still a lot more to be explored in Tamriel that hasn’t been featured in the games yet. It is for this reason  that I believe that it should remain in Tamriel, at least for now. However, as the other games have done, feature a single province. I would personally love for the game to be set in Valenwood. Yet I feel this is unlikely, as it’s due time for one of the games to be set in one of the beastfolk provinces. Rumours have been pointing to it being set in Black Marsh, but named “Argonia” probably to keep with the style of previous titles; The Elder Scrolls: VI Black Marsh would be a lengthy one, after all. Although I like the idea of multi-province travel, I feel like it would be quantity over quality; The Elder Scrolls already has plenty of content that has not been touched upon thus far, entire races, monsters and more. I’d rather they fully developed one province, as close to the lore as possible, than stretch it out and possibly leave unexplored avenues out.

Improved Relationships/NPC Characters

I feel like The Elder Scrolls has always lacked slightly in the relationship and character development departments. I’d love to see a better romance system in place in the Elder Scrolls, not unlike the one in Fallout 4, with more romantic weddings and a divorce system. I’d also like to be able to give gifts to spouses, as you could to Children in Skyrim’s Hearthfire DLC. However, platonic relationships could also be improved – perhaps taking a leaf from BioWare’s book and making relationships more dynamic with approval ratings and such. However, perhaps keeping them more hidden (in the journal) to keep with the style of The Elder Scrolls. NPCs could also be more in-depth and less 2D. Some modded followers were more dynamic than actual in-game ones; they had detailed backstories and interesting personal quests, rather than “go fetch me this” or “kill this person for me.”

More Dynamic Combat & Skills Tree

Skyrim hosted a simplified version of the various attributes available in Oblivion and Morrowind. I’d like to see the return of the Morrowind style character shaping, with abilities such as Agility, and the layering of various skills/signs to create a unique character build each time. The combat in the Elder Scrolls is quite hack and slash. The sneakier, archer build is more interesting but can become boring when overplayed. Something needs to change to create a more dynamic combat system, which would probably gather a larger audience in the long run.

Other Hopes For The Game:

  • If Bethesda’s plans for modding capability for Fallout 4 on consoles comes to life: mods available on console for the game!
  • A more complex armour customisation system, with racial differences, not unlike the one seen in Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Even more options in character creation, body sliders! Tattoos! Piercings! Horns/antlers if you’re a Bosmer. Just something really diverse and immersive.
  • Cities that actually feel like cities, rather than little villages or sleepy hamlets.
  • Dense forests that are dynamic, thick and realistic. Even if there’s only one on the map, it would be amazing.
  • Deadric quests with rewards that are more worthwhile. Possibly really hard to achieve and can’t be accessed until a higher level. OR, accessible at any level but the item received increases with value depending on player’s level.
  • If you promise yourself to a Deadric Prince, it actually changes your gameplay. Rather than: “hey, I’ll serve you in the afterlife. Bye!” – also that you are only able to actively pledge yourself to ONE Deadric Prince. The others will know if you’re already pledged when approaching them. “But doesn’t this mean I could only do one Deadric quest?” Yes, but if the reward was a good enough one, as previously stated, it would make it a harder choice.

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