Why Dragon Age Origins is Still Worth It

As an avid Dragon Age fan I always recommend that people who are just stating out with the series to go back and play the others. I’ve heard many complaints as a response, one being about the graphics. Yes, I’ll give you that, Origins is outdated now. However, this also means it can run on older/normal PCs and be modded to look better. Although there isn’t a huge selection of mods, there’s enough to make things a little more HD.

Check out the Origins Nexus for yourself! Character creation mods are the most plentiful.


One of the most important things about Origins is quite simply that it’s the first game! It introduces us to Thedas, it explains everything about the world and cultures in it which the other games build upon. The events of II and Inquisition make a whole lot more sense once Origins is played. Characters like Flemeth, Morrigan and Alistair become more dynamic rather than confusing. Despite it’s age and graphics, the storyline truly is amazing. Fans to this day argue it’s still their favourite in the series.

A lot of new players also seem to think that as the Warden is a (mostly) silent protagonist, they are boring. On the contrary, the Warden is a blank slate you can push any personality or agenda onto. Dragon Age is about crafting your own story, and Origins really lets you get into this with some depth – especially as depending on race, specialisation and social class you will have an origin story specific to what you pick. Female rogue city elves and female circle mage elves, for example, both have entirely different origins despite having some things in common. The story truly is rich and easily sucks you in. It has extensive romances, friendships and sidequests as the other games do.

Not only is it a great game worth playing on it’s own merit, I feel people have nothing it lose with it. You can pick up physical copies really cheap online, or in second hand stores such as CeX in the UK. Or, you can wait for PC gaming sales. I got Origins completely free from Origin during the build-up to Inquisition, and I recently purchased Awakening (the DLC) from CeX for just 50p! So, bearing that in mind, even if you buy and don’t like the game you will be at no great loss.


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